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There is an excellent post on one of my favorite law blogs, The Pop Tort, about how a large slice of our population is unable to afford legal representation in critical areas such as domestic violence, child custody and housing.

However, there is a notable exception where, if a person suffers an injury due to the negligence of another, she is able to hire lawyer by entering into a contingent fee agreement where the lawyer gets paid out of the proceeds of any recovery. In other words, it is not the client who pays the legal fee, but rather it is ultimately the defendant who is responsible.

When the defendant pays out a verdict or settlement, the attorney takes out a chunk for the legal fee and the rest goes to the client.

Unfortunately, this system of compensation–which is the only way that most people can hire a lawyer to represent them in an injury case–is under attack from corporate and insurance interests. While there is never any controversy about how much they pay their lawyers to defend them from legal claims, they have stirred up a hornet’s nest regarding the contingent fee agreement, leading to caps on fees and other adverse legislation. This is nothing more than an assault on the ability of regular folks to hire a lawyer.

Read the post. You’ll see.

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