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In March 2008 there was a deadly crane accident that caused the deaths of 7 people at East 51st Street in Manhattan. On June 21, jury selection will begin in the criminal trial of the rigger, William Rapetti, who prosecutors say was responsible for this devastating construction accident.

It appears his defense is typical of those that I see in construction accident lawsuits that I am involved with–blame everybody else. Apparently, he plans to say that among those responsible are the crane operator (who was killed). Obvously, placing the blame on the operator will cause much compounded grief to his family members.

There is also the question of whether it is a meritorious defense. Residents of the area had complained that the crane appeared to sway, but regulators did nothing in response. Whether with construction accidents or the gulf oil catastrophe, the phenomenon of regulators asleep at the switch has been all-t0o-common. Hopefully, that will begin to change in light of the devastating accidents such as this one that have occurred.

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