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Looking back at the construction boom a few years ago, one remembers how it was often portrayed as good for all of those involved: sellers, buyers, developers, construction workers, and the city in general.

But not so, according to a NY Times article, for minority workers for a contractor that routinely shortchanged minority workers and caused them to work as many as 70 hours a week.

The New York Attorney General filed a lawsuit against the contractor, Michael Mahoney, chief executive of ECM Construction, for instituting a three-tier wage system for construction workers: Irish were paid $25 an hour, African-Americans received $18 an hour, and bottom on the list were Latino workers who received $15.

Workers alleged that they frequently put in 70 hours a week and received paychecks that would bounce. In addition, one worked on the 25th floor without a safety belt, and there were complaints that minorities would be given the worst jobs at the site.

The lawsuit seeks $4 million in wages and overtime pay as well as an end to the discriminatory practices of Mr. Mahoney and his company.

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