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The New York Times published an excellent article addressing the problems with safety in highway construction zones, which has caused numerous preventable accidents.

You can read it here.

In brief, the article points out that (1) many more accidents than are realized are caused not by negligent driving but instead by dangerous highway construction sites; (2) state regulations which govern these construction projects are insufficient in their scope and particulars; and (3) federal and state authorities do not adequately enforce safety.

The piece encourages federal authorities to increase their involvement with highway construction zones in order to create uniform regulations across the 50 states and actively enforce them.

Also noteworthy is that contractors with lacking safety records are often repeatedly hired by state and local governments.

In fact, this shows why New York’s Scaffold Law, Labor Law 240(1), which provides for strict liability against owners and general contractors, is such an important law. By placing responsibility on these entities, even though they may not be directly involved with the construction, it encourages them to, respectively, hire contractors with good safety records and enforce safety at the job site. 

This way, accidents can be prevented.

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