A New York Construction Accident Lawyer Who Represents Injured Workers Tracking Developments in Construction Accident Law.

The New York Law Journal reported on September 30, 2011 that business groups are seeking to scale back the protections of Labor law 240 and 241, which holds owners and general contractors at construction sites liable for many worker injuries. These protections are more favorable for workers than a general negligence standard and their aim is to place the responsibility for safety on those who own and operate the construction site.

Labor Law 240 and 241 are under constant assault especially from insurance companies who are responsible for paying verdicts and settlements in these cases.

They are, however, very important worker protection laws that should not be scaled back or eliminated. They are essential in order to provide compensation for injured workers and also to ensure that proper safety is provided at construction sites by those in the best position to ensure it–the owners and general contractors.

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