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2 Years, 31 Dead

The New York Times published an editorial about the excessive number of construction accident deaths in New York City — 31 dead in 2 years.
In fact, 29 of the 31 workers were working at nonunion sites. People should respectfully take that astonishing figure into account the next time they criticize unions.
Further, the rate of construction is rising in New York City, while safety enforcement lags behind. One protection that workers have–and, unfortunately, it comes after the fact, meaning, it is one that we lawyers can enforce only after an injury happens–is Labor Law 204(1) and 241(6) which apply to owners and general contractors. The former is known as the Scaffold Law and the latter can impose negligence based on the violation of enumerated safety factors.
The real estate and insurance lobbies are constantly fighting to gut these laws, a sad irony in light of the human toll of unsafe work environments.

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